endless inspiration,

visual creation.

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effortlessly create stunning objects in an all visual workflow powered by advanced ai. share your designs, turning your vision into reality. Welcome to the new era of design.

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begin with inspiration

start your creative journey with an endless feed of inspirations. initiate a new design process on a dedicated board, capturing every variation and creation.

infinite possibilities

begin with a curated image and unleash your creativity. with just a single click, explore endless variations and craft distinctive designs effortlessly.

seamless fusion

morph two designs into one with precision. By dragging a button between images, you have the power to dictate the blend, ensuring your creations are uniquely yours.

precision in
every detail

selectively regenerate parts of an image, keeping the overall design intact while introducing subtle, distinctive variations.

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visual process

extract, adjust and apply visual ingredients like color, shape, and material to generate new designs. work seamlessly within a truly natural design environment, bypassing the need for text prompts and enhancing your creative experience.

map your progress

every design iteration is saved on your board, effortlessly mapping out your entire creative process. enjoy a comprehensive overview and a guide through your design journey.

your creative

drag and drop colors, shapes, and more from your personalized palette of ingredients, fine-tuning and mixing before applying them to your creation. experience design freedom like never before.

apply now to get access. Experience the seamless creation of breathtaking designs in a completely visual workflow enhanced by cutting-edge AI technology. Join us in a new era in design.