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cre[ai]tion –– a platform that inspires through design created by artificial intelligence.

how we change the way
you create

creaition is a tech x design company. its ambitious goal is to redefine the entire design process: explore your intuition, inflate your working frame, squeeze out the juice for production. The enrolled gala application gives the power: get inspired by generative imaginary, recombine and vary your assets, collaborate with your friends or colleagues on projects.

the collaboration

hp x cre[ai]tion

cre[ai]tion uses the hp workstation to reduce training time and keep GPU powered execution in their hands. now you can breeze through the most complex deep learning, virtual production, and VFX, with an entirely new echelon in high performance desktop workstations.

HP Z8 G5
desktop PC

take on processor-intensive workloads. relentlessly. recommended for high-end rendering with real-time ray tracing, real-time virtual world creation, advanced simulation and visualization, advanced datasets, ML/AI/DL including data visualization & model-training, computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis. extreme performance. infinite possibilities. recommended for advanced datasets, ML/AI/DL, model training with extensive iteration, computer vision, natural language processing, data ETL, virtual production, in-camera VFX, real-time rendering, color grading & finishing, advanced simulation & analysis, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis.

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